Mum finds sleepover plan she made when she was eight and it’s a ‘work of art’

When we were little, we wanted nothing more than to get all our best pals together for a sleepover, staying up late, eating junk food and watching our favourite movies.

Those were the days, am I right?

Well, one woman recently had a flashback to simpler times like that after coming across a detailed plan for her birthday slumber party she made when she was eight-years-old.

Emily Flake, a writer and illustrator from Brooklyn, New York, shared a look at her incredibly detailed party plan on Twitter, where it quickly went viral as people were impressed by how much work went into making it.

Some even went as far as to proclaim it was a “work of art”.

The hilarious two-page (double-sided) document is titled “Plans for my slumber party” and goes on to list five guests who will be in attendance.

Following this is breaks down what the six girls will be doing for the entire evening, with times for each activity.

The list includes guests arriving at 4:30 pm, the girls running up to Emily’s room at 4:31 pm and them talking and giggling between 4:33 pm and 4:45 pm.

Also in the plans are “make funny faces and make remarks”, “eat supper” and “haul radio upstairs”.

At 7:30 pm the girls were going to “lie around talking about some things are so mean” before doing some reading, then putting on make-up and having a good giggle.

Emily added in her plan that at 8:30 pm her dad would take their photo before taking them all out to get doughnuts.

The evening was scheduled to end at 1:30 am when the girls would finally hit the hay after dancing, an hour-long pillow fight, charades, pretending to be animals and of course yet another pillow fight.

Sounds like a pretty good evening if you ask me!

Emily clearly agreed, as she captioned the post on Twitter: “I’ve never planned a better party than the one I planned when I was eight.”

Her tweet garnered over 222,000 likes and more than 14,000 retweets.

One person replied: “I want to go to a party with reading breaks.”

Another said: “Will be using this for party inspo post Covid. Perfect tbh.”

A third added: “This is a work of art.”

Emily followed up her post by sharing a video in which she asked her own daughter, who also happens to be eight, for her thoughts on the party plan.

The little girl says she would have liked to go to the sleepover and “every part” of it would have been her favourite.

She continues to say that she’d have especially enjoyed the reading and she’d probably have cut out one of the pillow fights, as well as “hauling the radio up the stairs” as it’s not the 80s anymore.

Emily adds that she doesn’t actually remember ever having the party, instead she thought she went to see Desperately Seeking Susan for her eighth birthday.