Browns aren’t bashful about talking playoffs

You’ve heard the coachspeak and assorted cliches by now, over and over again.

Football coaches and teams take their seasons one game at a time. They don’t get ahead of themselves. Blah, blah. Blah.

The Browns, 8-3 and working their way to the postseason, aren’t taking it one game at a time. They’re looking down the road, and they’re not bashful when it comes to talking playoffs.

After Sunday’s win over the Jaguars, receiver Jarvis Landry acknowledged to PFT that the team has been talking about playoffs.

“I mean pretty much all the time,” Landry said. “Definitely something that we mention a lot.”

He added that the Browns constantly look for lessons to be learned from their game film, and from mistakes made and critical situations handled by other teams in their games.

Landry realizes that the Browns need to win games they should lose in order to be taken seriously, starting with this weekend at Tennessee and the following weekend against the Ravens. Landry, breaking from the one-week-at-a-time tradition, addressed the looming Baltimore game, even though it’s two games down the road.

“Obviously when we played the Ravens the first time we were still just trying to figure things out ourselves,” Landry said of the Week One loss in Baltimore, explaining that the pandemic made it harder to learn coach Kevin Stefanski’s offense. “You play a team that almost went to the Super Bowl that had the same offense, same players. It is tough to win that game. . . . I think that we learned from that and we moved past that, whether it was turnovers, whether it was penalties, self-inflicted things. That gives you a chance.”

The Browns are moving toward a chance to play a good team in a single-elimination setting for the first time in 18 years. With a pair of games coming up against the Giants and Jets, 10-6 should be Cleveland’s worst-case scenario at this point.