Mum discovers photo of her family has been stolen and edited to remove husband

A woman was shocked to discover a photo of her family had been stolen and photoshopped.

Sarah Knuth was looking through Pinterest when she spotted a sweet family photo, featuring her sons Rock and Rome, and her husband Kent.

But she was shocked to see that a stranger’s face had been photoshopped over Kent’s.

The photo had been ‘pinned’ thousands of times on the social media site.

Now Instagram influencer Sarah says she still gets sent the photo by concerned followers asking who the man is.

She shared the story on her profile where she has racked up 704,000 followers.

In the caption of the original photo, she wrote: “Came across these pictures on Pinterest tonight and they made me so happy. Look at those babies?! This was 2016.

“The funny thing is that first image has been pinned THOUSANDS of times now with another man’s face photoshopped over Kent’s. It’s the strangest thing.

“Someone photoshopped a different guy’s face over Kent’s face (it kind of looks like Jake Gyllenhaal) and then THAT picture went viral and got pinned over and over

“People still send it to me and ask who the guy is.”

Her followers were left creeped out by the story, with one writing: “Ummmmm who would ever photoshop over Kent’s face?”

Another commented: “That is nuts! Why do people do that. Beautiful pics!”

The photoshopped version can be found on Pinterest – where Kent’s face has been replaced by a bearded man.

One internet sleuth deduced that the family photo had been edited to feature actor Colin Arthur O’Donoghue.

The TV star played Captain Hook on the TV show Once Upon a Time.

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