Woman’s ‘secret beauty room’ hidden behind mirror has make-up lovers screaming

A trend has taken off on TikTok where users reveal a cool or quirky feature in their home that guests always seem to be obsessed with when they come over.

It could be a cinema room, hidden cabinet or even an impressive wine cellar, as we’ve recently seen.

But for one woman, the impressive thing in her home is actually a secret beauty room that you’d never know was there, without being told.

TikTok user Melissa Ramirez shared a video showing off her hidden room on the social media platform and it went viral, garnering over 1.8 million views, more than 355,000 likes and thousands of comments and shares.

In the clip, Melissa, who posts under the name ramirez_marin94 films herself walking into her bedroom, which looks completely ordinary.

She then goes up to a full-length mirror that’s on one of the walls.

It turns out that the mirror is actually hiding a secret doorway and it opens to reveal the beauty room, complete with a light up mirrored vanity table, plush furry rug and drawers filled with all the make-up and beauty products you could ever dream of.

People in the comments went wild for the hidden room, with many saying they’d been left “screaming” over how cool it was.

One person wrote: “Okay I would die if I had this.”

Another said: “I screamed!! I loved every part of your room.”

“Omggg I need this,” proclaimed a third.

Someone else posted: “That’s bada**! Good for you! So pretty.”

“Omg I want a secret beauty room now,” added a different user.

Other users joked that the video gave them Hannah Montanna vibes, as in the Disney show Miley had a secret Hannah closet with all her popstar clothes and accessories in.

While some just thought the room would be perfect if a burglar ever broke into the house as it was completely invisible to the eye.

“Ok but this would be so life saving if someone broke into the house yo,” they commented.