What We Do

CSI is a non-profit social service agency that provides foster care, adoption, Supervised Independent Living (SIL), and Behavioral Health Care programs.

The services are culturally sensitive to children, youth and families. Our goal is to maximize the strength of the family by delivering services and resources that promote self-discipline, initiative, and independence.


Resource Parent (Foster/ Kinship Care) Program

CSI provides out-of-home placement for children and youth from birth to 21 years old. The children are referred for placement through Philadelphia DHS/Community Umbrella Agencies. Resource parent refers to either foster or kinship (related to child) parent who provides a temporary home to a child or sibling group while services are provided to the family to work toward reunification…

Behavioral Health Care Services

CSI provides Out-Patient Therapy and Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (Wraparound). Both the Outpatient clinic and BHRS programs provide quality, culturally sensitive services to children, youth and their families. The outpatient services aim to enhance individual achievement through a comprehensive approach to caring for families experiencing crisis or dysfunction.


CSI is an affiliate of the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) and provides assistance in the adoption of foster children within the state of Pennsylvania. The agency provides Family Profiles (home study), Child Profiles and Adoption Finalization services to those families willing to adopt a child (ren) who are in the custody of one of the 67 county Children and Youth agencies in PA and/or a “special needs” child…

Supervised Independent Living (SIL)

CSI provides an out-of-home placement and life skills training program to adolescents age 16.5 to 21 years old who are in the process of completing an educational or vocational training program. Dependent and Delinquent youth are referred only from Philadelphia DHS or Community Umbrella Agencies or Philadelphia Department of Juvenile Probation for placement in the program. Services are also provided to Pregnant and Parenting Youth…
Behavioral Health

Why We Do It

The Need For Our Services

702,000 children in the United States are abused and neglected on a regular basis, 463,000 children in the United States live in foster homes, and 12,000 children in Philadelphia are truant on a daily basis.

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