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Campaign description

Financial support for enrichment activities and educational supports in addition to training programs for our resource parents.

“It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”

Our “Keepers of the Village” concept was initiated in 1997 to commemorate 110 years of service to children and families. People from all walks of life participate in supporting education – young teens to retired citizens.  Children’s Service Incorporated (CSI) supports enrichment activities and educational and training programs for our resource parents. This will help to improve their skills in working towards family reunification or other permanencies with the children and, in providing mentoring to the birth parents.

A Sure Way to Lift Oneself Up is by Helping to Lift Someone Else — Booker T. Washington

We provide valuable ongoing administrative and program support and training programs. Whether it’s monthly or weekly, CSI has educational opportunities. If you support education please support our cause.  Donate as much as you can, $5, $10, $15 or $20 will help, but please help. Anything you donate will be deeply appreciated.

About Children’s Service Incorporated

CSI is a 129 year old agency, originally founded by Episcopalian nuns and Edith Wharton Dallas of St. Marks Episcopal Church to serve “colored” crippled and indigent children in 1887. Now, one of only a few historically “Black” agencies remaining in the nation, we serve a diverse population in need of help with temporary out-of-home placement, independence/life skills obtainment, educational assistance, behavioral health counseling and adoption services.