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Meal Preparation: How to Prepare Your Food

How to Prepare Your Food

I have learned throughout my healthy lifestyle journey that meal preparation is very important. Meal prepping has allowed me to save money and time throughout the week. I knew I had to eat a certain amount of meals a day reach my goal and maintain my weight. If my meals were not previously prepared in the beginning of the week, one of two things would happen. 1. I would not have time to cook my meals throughout the day, which would result in me eating something fast and unhealthy. 2. I would lose track of the amount of meals I have eaten, which would result in me eating less meals than required.

One of the first things you should do when meal prepping is buy lots and lots of containers. You will need a container for each meal and snack. This way when it is time to eat all you have to do is warm up your food and eat it. Second, make a shopping list with the ingredients for the meals you would like to eat throughout the week. While doing this try to mix up the meals this way you will not get tired of eating the same food every day. If one gets tired of that meal this could result in spending money and/or buying food that is unhealthy. Lastly, pick a day to go grocery shopping, cook and prepare the meals you will be eating for that week.

This strategy will take lots of discipline, but it all worth it in the end. I have saved so much money prepping my meals because I did not have to buy each meal and snack because everything is already prepared for me. I have also saved so much time because I do not have to cook every single night. I can just take my food out of the refrigerator and heat it up and eat it. I love meal prepping and I hope you will appreciate it as much as I do.