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Children’s Service, Inc. 129 Year Old Black Child Welfare Agency on Go Fund

Children’s Service, Inc. 129 Year Old Black Child Welfare Agency on Go Fund>

Children’s Service Inc. (CSI) is a 129 year old child welfare organization, originally founded by Episcopalian nuns and Edith Wharton Dallas of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church to serve “colored” Crippled and indigent children in 1887. Now, one of only a few historically “black” agencies remaining in the nation, it struggles to survive. A Go-Fund Me page has been set up with a goal of $300,000 to support the Behavioral Health counseling programs for adoptive, foster care children and emancipating supervised independent living (SIL) youth, some of whom with LGBT struggles.

Recently, a seventy-seven old blind man re-connected with CSI to return to his roots. R.B., had been left on the doorstep of the agency in the 1940’s and in the   Spring of 2016 he went on a quest to locate his childhood home. He was seen wandering around downtown Philadelphia, asking about the House of The Holy Child which had been renamed Children’s Service Inc. He wanted to “give the love back to CSI that they gave to me “. Passing pedestrians helped R.B. find the new headquarters of CSI, which he visited at 1315 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA.

As a visually-impaired artist, R.B., wants to have his artwork on exhibit within the Children’s Service, Inc, agency. Hopefully, with some measure of support from the Go Fund campaign both CSI and R.B. can extend their efforts and providing quality service and enrichment in their golden years.

For more information, contact Dorothy Simmons, ACSW, LSW, Executive Director at or visit CSI at or telephone 215-546-35033